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GEO FIT OUTDOOR, incorporating the 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives; through attending our group fitness sessions in Busselton and Dunsborough or by taking up our ONLINE weight-loss, exercise and support group, which can be done from anywhere in the world.

We specializes in both local outdoor group and personal training; our fun and inspirational GEO FIT OUTDOOR sessions will get you moving in no time; and ONLINE weight-loss and support with the 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH. There's many ways we can help you.

Do you find yourself not staying motivated at times with your fitness, are you bored at the gym, have you reached a plateau or are you new to activity? Unlike the gym, each session at GEO FIT OUTDOOR is instructor lead, so you'll never be on your own, plus you'll have the support of the group to keep you motivated too.  GEO FIT offers you the support that you need, and deserve. At GEO FIT OUTDOOR there's no sweaty crowded spaces, or standoffish instructors; we'd like to get to know you and all that you want from your training sessions. Click here to find out more about our group fitness today.

Are you looking to lose weight or simply just make better choices to feel better, lighter, and less toxic? Our highly successful 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH is for you. If you're ready to transform, then this ONLINE program gives you meal plans, recipes, at home fitness plan, motivational mindset activities, and support. Click here to find out how you can look and feel better in just 4 weeks.

The GEO FIT OUTDOOR timetable offers TWENTY THREE 45 minute sessions across Busselton (6 days) and Dunsborough (3 days) which your $25 + GST per week membership gives you access to. We say the fee pays for 2 sessions, but if you can get to more, then that's a bonus to you! Daily Fitness for just $25 + GST per week.

The 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH offers you a complete transformation for just $49 + GST giving you LIFETIME membership.

Many locals will tell you that our group fitness, coupled with the 4 WEEK FAT FLUSH, is an unbeatable and life changing combination. "Hit Goal weight this morning, haven't been here since high school!" Mum of 2, Dunsborough.

Personal training is $45 + GST per 30 minute blast* (longer sessions available)

*Sessions are $50 and discounted by 10% if purchased in blocks of 5 or more (fee can be split with friends)

Note: To qualify for trial deal, you must live locally to Busselton, Dunsborough and surrounds.